The Beginning

By this point (I’m assuming) you read the first page and (hopefully) some of the posts, and perhaps you’re wondering where this all originated. Yes, this stems from a class assignment but what about the content? Did these ideas simply spring into my mind via a moment of utter enlightenment? Did I shout EUREKA! and then begin this project. Ha, no. It started as most assignments, papers, undertakings do with research; lots of reading and learning was the beginning.

It began with Anne Beaufort’s Writing in the Real World: Making the Transition from School to Work. (Here’s a link should you want to buy yourself a copy: Book) Her book seeks to “make curriculum/writing assignments rich in social meaning for students, or, to state it another way, how to make the communicative work of the writing project of greater importance to students than the grades” (Beaufort, 194). Now, does that not sound like an amazing goal? Basically, Beaufort believed in the social nature of writing and how through its social context it transfers into all aspects of our lives. (I hope you’ve gotten at least somewhat how important transfer is to me at this point.)

To go right along with Beaufort is Elizabeth Wardle (Yay for strong female writers!) who wrote “Understanding ‘Transfer’ from FYC: Preliminary Results of a Longitudinal Study.” (Which I can link for you here: Wardle even though I think I link it somewhere else too… It really is just that important.) Wardle’s article focuses more on ways that students and teachers can help further the concept of transfer as a university’s goal. She ends her article by stating, “program directors might develop collaborative research projects with faculty from across their universities to better understand what goals they do and do not share for assignments and outcomes and to closely examine how students interpret assignments from various courses” (Wardle, 82-83). She wants to see students become aware of transfer and how their education as a whole intertwines.

The ultimate goal of these two passionate and driven women is to help students see the way their education and eventual life goals all intersect with writing. I’d like to count myself among their number as I strive to better understand the concept of transfer myself in a world that seems as confused by it as I was in the beginning.

(I’d give you a clever metaphor for transfer right now if I could come up with a good one) Instead I’ll give you a link to Transfer because it is a good place to start.

If you want to see exactly the kinds of questions that were on the surveys I’ve added them below!


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