Writing Importance

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”
~ Mark Twain

Is writing important to an employed professional? Here are my two favorite answers:

“Absolutely! It is one way to present yourself as a well-educated professional.”

“Yes, you must sound intelligent when representing yourself, or what you stand for.”

You’ll notice I bolded a few words I thought were important. Out of all the surveys, I read about 75% used a word like “intelligent” or “well-educated” to describe why writing is important as a professional. Apparently, the better you write, the smarter you sound. Not a bad deal.

I, also, (as I’m sure you noticed) italicized a couple words too… It seems writing ties in with how potential employers will perceive you. Resumes are important as the initial stage to employment, and they’re written. Before even getting an interview an employer wants to read about you on paper. Fail the written portion – fail to get the job.

See how much writing you already do and how that will help you in this post: How many papers do you write?


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