Professional Writing Skills

One of the questions on my survey to professional employees was “What kind of skill do good writers have?” If you’ve read about what the first-year students wrote, it probably seems similar.

A lot of them gave me very long-winded lists. I’ve boiled it down to a short one for you.

  • Good grammar
  • Clarity
  • Conciseness
  • “Proficient vocabulary” (I see what they did there!)
  • Flow of ideas
  • Process of communication (the medium of writing: text, email, paragraphs, bullet points)
  • Content

I narrowed it down by grouping them into these seven. It is much shorter than the list of student’s concept of “good” writers. It seems like professionals realize the utmost important skills of a writer… Or maybe they have a better grasp of the big picture of writing. Students seem to get caught up on the details (*cough cough* the grammar or thesis). Yes, grammar is important, but it seems like the rest is equally as important to professionals.

Here’s a link to the student’s version of this question: “Good” Writers


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