Practice, Practice, Practice

“Communication is vital to a people-centered job!” ~ From the person who wrote in pink pen on their survey

No matter what types of writing the employees were doing (sales reports, agendas, correspondences through email, PowerPoints) they all agreed that practicing writing was important. Many of them had no training in writing for the job field they were entering and found that they had to learn on the job. I asked how they learned about rules of their new writing environment, and one person put “the hard way.” Just that. No other explanation, and somehow I understand what he/she meant.

These professionals admit to still getting nervous when they write (Her exact words were “I always get nervous when I write something! Even an email makes me examine every word I’ve used.”) and not knowing if they are writing correctly when they need to do something new. One person talked about needing to learn to write a federal grant and asking three other people for assistance and reading various other grants in order to accomplish it. “I don’t have the same amount of practice with grants that others do… I looked their grants over and found them helpful!”

Research and practice… Remind anyone of what we do in school?

Here’s a link to another post that talks about practice! Reading, Writing, and Talking


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