Employer Perspective

“A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.” ~ Tammy Cohen

We’ve talked about how writing looks from a student perspective: How hard it can be, how terrifying, and how practice makes perfect. But, what about once you reach the workforce? Here I sit, basically preaching about how important writing will be once you get a job. Yet, I haven’t even explained it. So, here it is.

Much like the earlier surveys, I gave surveys out to actually employed adults and asked them about writing. Here’s the biggest fact to take out of what they said;  100% said writing is important to their job! And let me make it clear that I did not ask a bunch of authors or former English majors. I assure you that almost all of the people answering did not have an English degree. These were regular employed people, and they said writing was important – Huzzah!

Here is a link to a post all about what writing skills employers said were important:  Professional Writing Skills



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