Reading, Writing, and Talking

Do you read? Do you write? Do you talk?

You must do at least one of these (I hope).

These questions were in the survey, and the students had a LOT to say. Students were very honest in these surveys (they were anonymous, which probably helped).

About 75% of students feel they listen more than they talk in class. Only 25% say they talk more than they listen. This seems like an accurate breakdown from my experience.

Several of the most interesting answers were the following:

“I listen because I prefer to learn directly rather than interact. I’m also a quiet person due to the fact that I have autism.”

“I listen more in the classroom because I don’t want to miss anything important that is said.”

“What the professor is saying is important so I listen (even though I’m a talkative person outside of class).”

“I’m afraid of saying something wrong or sounding stupid in front of everyone so I stay quiet and let other people who are smarter do the talking.”

Why did these quotes stand out to me? Because they gave real explanations for why students don’t speak in class especially the one about being afraid of looking stupid. Most times I open my mouth and have a horrifying moment of wondering if I actually know what I’m saying… And most of the times I do.

Sometimes we don’t know and that’s okay too: Learning from Failure


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