How many papers do you write?

How many papers do you write a semester?

This is one of the first questions I asked on the survey. To me it is an important one because a paper is considered a fairly significant portion of writing and can tell you a lot about the workload of students (and what they consider a paper). To me this blog totally counts… But, maybe you don’t think so.

So, here’s what the students had to say:

  • 0 papers: 1 (The exact wording was “I’m a bad college student I don’t write any”)
  • 3-4 papers: 8 (“An average number – 3”)
  • 5-8 papers: 9 (“Anywhere from 6-8 I’m really not sure.)
  • 10+ papers: 6 (One person wrote down “Roughly 15”)

So, most of the students had written at least a couple papers, except for one (Now, I don’t want to say this student is a slacker, but I know for a fact that this survey was given in an English class so how did they manage not to write anything!). Perhaps, the student lied and didn’t like my survey, but the fact remains that they were certainly an outlier.It seems like anywhere between 3 and 10 papers is the norm. This sounds like about a paper every few weeks, which seems average based on my experience.

What do you think about the number of papers you write? Too many? Too few?

So you write papers, but how does that link in?: Practice, Practice, Practice

If you are looking for some outlining help, here are some links:

Pretty basic outline, but it has a nice structure.

Okay I know this site looks cheesy but some of these outline/webs are great!

Yes, this one is weirdly long… But, it is a link to a sample MLA paper format!


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