What this is ALL About

Hello! Greetings to all of you who have happened to stumble across this, and welcome to my humble ramblings. What will all of my posts be about?

Writing… Well writing’s applications from college to the “real” world.

Transfer from one to the other. Yes, it does transfer (oh happy day for you since I know you had to take at least one English class!).

So, I (a humble English student) have taken on the task of outlining this marvelous transfer from college to work. I have surveys from first-year students of all majors and random people with jobs (who were willing to fill out my survey). The goal is for you to be able to connect these dots and form your own opinion of writing and how it fits into your life.

Why have I done this?

… For class. Well, partially. This semester I took a course called Peer Tutoring that focused on the pedagogy of writing (the methods of teaching writing), how/why people write, and the transfer of writing skills beyond English classes. Obviously, transfer was the most interesting to me, hence these posts.

But, it is not only that fact. I’m not only an English major but a Business major too. Basically, I’m not looking to teach, be a writer, or go into publishing… I just want to be able to write better than everyone else applying for the jobs I want so that I am one step ahead of the competition. No matter what job you apply for, people all understand the importance of good communication skills (and writing is one of those!). This is a chance for me to share with you how two seemingly separate facets of academia overlap. But, it is not only to show how business and writing combine – the point is that writing applies to everything… every jotted note… every carefully worded email… every job. You can’t escape it, so embrace it (I have).

I want you to see the bigger picture. It took me so long to see how helpful writing was in my life. For years I was unsure of how to explain my reasons for wanting an English degree when I was already getting a business degree. Somewhere in my mind I knew it made sense and was important but articulating that thought was impossible. This blog is to help you bridge this gap (no need to fumble around for years in confusion like me) and see how, as a college student and future employee, writing is important.

Read on, learn something, and then go write.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, here’s a link to a post that helps explain everything even more than I’ve done here:

The Beginning

Or perhaps you’d rather start with the resources first: Some Resources